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National Rescue Dog Day - Sunday, May 20th

Maggie Ford

Posted on May 20 2018

It has been said that being involved with rescue is rewarding. And, it truly is. From those who look for Springers and other animals in need of a new home, to those who transport, conduct home visits, foster, fund raise, and adopt, many rescue dogs go on to live wonderful and happy lives with their forever family.

On this day, National Rescue Dog Day, I am reminded why I volunteer for rescue: It makes my heart happy to help dogs who are not able to help themselves. It's truly rewarding. 

While the focus of my volunteer work is mainly fundraising for Springer Spaniel rescue organizations, there are times that I step up to help a specific dog in need. There have been three such dogs: Nugget, Moo Moo, and Jane.

Nugget was rescued from a shelter on a Friday night. I hardly slept that night, as I couldn't wait to pick him up from the vet the following day and transport him to a meeting location in the middle of the desert, where I met another individual who would transport Gilligan to Las Vegas. Nugget was adopted by a wonderful family who continues to send update on how well their happy Springer is doing.

I visited Moo Moo just outside of Palm Springs one day... I took photos of Moo Moo with hope that she would find her forever family soon. Moo Moo was a "foster fail" and now lives the good life as a permanent member of her foster family's home in Pennsylvania. She can be seen on Springer Spaniel Rescue's Facebook page, in the header image.

And, then there is sweet Jane. I still think of Jane daily. On a January day earlier this year, I picked Jane up from a shelter and drove her to a vet in Las Vegas, where Senior Spaniel Rescue is located. A very ill dog, Jane made it through her first night, yet the rescue made the decision to allow her to transition as this sweet senior was very, very sick. Three of us were with Jane when she transition and I sobbed. And, sobbed. As if she was my own dog... and, in a sense she was. In the rescue's care for a mere 24 hours, the rescue was told by Jane's Las Vegas vet that her poor, little body was suffering too much.

The point is this. There are many, many ways in which you can support rescue. It does not always have to be picking up dogs and helping them transition. Here are some other wants in which you can help: 

• Transport a dog both short and long distances
• Foster
• Fundraising
• Posting on social media
• Donating, including to special needs dogs
• Work at an event
• Be a dog wrangler
• Watching sites for dogs needing help
• Writing ads for dogs for Petfinder
• Writing stories for social media and blogs
• Coordinating events

I encourage you to find a rescue that's close to your heart and volunteer. It's rewarding and will do your heart good. And, it can help make you happier and healthier too!